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At O’Connor & Sons Stonemasons our commitment to health and safety is at the forefront of every action. We are fostering a culture of safety first and the job at hand second, taking the extra time needed to ensure the wellbeing of our personnel at all times.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy acknowledges the duty of care we hold and the actions we will take to fulfill them. We are committed to conducting ongoing audits, inspections and reviews of our workplace and practices.With a focus on establishing open communication lines between our staff, employees and where applicable our contractors, to ensure that health and safety issues are regularly addressed.

As the stone industry has evolved and legislative changes have been introduced, we have implemented a continuous improvement program to ensure the safest of workplaces for all who attend and work on our projects. Our Silica Dust Exposure Control Plan explains the nature of our work with masonry materials and the due diligence we take in our approach to safety in the stonemason industry.

All of our personnel engage in regular training, where refresher courses and verification of competency is completed cyclically to ensure up to date knowledge in every aspect of their role.

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We employ HammerTech which is the leading safety, quality and operations platform for construction. Our management team have 360-degree visibility into all jobsite and subcontractor activity whether onsite or remote to reduce delays and improve progress tracking. We increase accountability and compliance with automated pre-start tracking of SWMS, safety plans and SDSs. Increase engagement with pre-task meetings, inspections, permits and much more.

Additionally, we are supported by OHS/WHS Consultants who assist in the review and maintenance of systems, procedures and practical compliance. We are proud to have a score of 96% in our latest annual major audit conducted by ActiveTEC in July 2022.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of our OHS management, including our company policies,
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